Uniform Policy

We strongly urge parental support every day for the correct wearing of full uniforms. Uniforms are worn from the first day of school to the last day. Students are expected to comply with the school uniform dress code in both action and intent. Students will wear all clothing in the proper manner and remain in their uniform while on school grounds. Students are expected to avoid deliberate attempts to achieve appearances which are conspicuous or attention getting. 

On days when physical education classes are scheduled (Tuesdays and Thursdays), students are to wear either the blue wind pants or the blue cotton long pants with a long or short sleeve white polo shirt. Your child should wear sneakers. 

All navy and plaid items of clothing should have the student’s name on them. For emergencies or serious reasons, a parent may request a temporary exemption from dress code. 

Uniforms are purchased from the Donnelly Uniform Company. Gently worn pieces of uniforms may be obtained from “Blanche & Anne’s Closet” located in the school basement. The price list is posted near the clothes and payment is given to the school secretary. The “Closet” is open during school hours. 

You can also buy solid color uniform pieces and shirts at any traditional store (e.g., LL Bean, Kohl’s, JC Penney’s, Burlington Coat Factory, Walmart, Old Navy/Gap). You can go directly to Poor Morgan in Stonington, the company the school uses to monogram different uniform pieces, with your own pieces to have the SMS logo monogrammed on the clothing.

On days when your child’s class has a field trip, unless the trip requires special clothing (e.g., visiting a farm, the beach) children wear their regular dress uniform. 

Throughout the year there are other special dress days, e.g., “Drug Awareness Red Shirt Day,” Saint Patrick’s Day (i.e., green shirt). On these special days, children may wear a shirt of the designated color with dress blue/khaki pants (on Monday, Wednesday or Friday) or with their gym pants (on Tuesday or Thursday). 

Relaxed dress code may be allowed for certain school functions and will be subject to the discretion of the Principal. Jeans and clothing with holes are not allowed. Dresses (hemline below the knee), khakis, or corduroys are appropriate.

Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for more information