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Classical Education


by Amy Babcock, Principal

St. Michael School prides itself on its rigorous and challenging Catholic Classical Curriculum. We have well-qualified teachers who care about their students. We have standardized test scores that are well above the national averages. Our students continue to thrive and excel when they leave us to go on to high school and beyond. Yet St. Michael School is more than just academics. Our faith is integrated into all of the academic subjects. We invite any of you who would like more information about St. Michael School and Catholic Classical Education to come and visit and see for yourself. I think you will like what you see.

  • Classical Education for the Modern World

    Grades Pre-Kindergarten through 8

  • Gratis Accepistis, Gratis Date

    Freely you have received, freely you are to give

  • Celebrating 150 Years of Excellence!

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What They Say

One of the things one hears when discussing language is that Latin is a “dead” language; which leads to the question “why would anyone teach Latin?”

It turns out there are several excellent reasons for students to study Latin! Latin builds vocabulary and writing ability as well as strengthens reading comprehension in students. Latin is also the best preparation for learning any other language. It provides the roots for the modern sciences and is the language of law, government, logic and theology. Evidence shows that students who study Latin outperform their peers in reading, reading comprehension, and vocabulary, as well as higher order thinking skills such as computation, concepts, and problem solving. Students who study Latin maximize their SAT scores in high school.

All of these are great reasons for studying Latin. But if you came to St. Michael School and asked the students in grade five, they would simply say, “Latin is fun!”