What Makes Us Unique?



You may be asking yourself… what makes St. Michael School unique? Here are a few reasons why we are very proud of our school!

Our Students

We couldn’t be more proud of our students! Not only do they accept the challenge of a rigorous curriculum where they are constantly expanding their abilities to become critical and insightful thinkers, but, most importantly, they are taught to live out their faith daily. Our students, by graduation, have a strong understanding of the values of love, respect, forgiveness, honesty, compassion, and service to others.

Our Faculty and Staff

Our experienced and certified faculty and caring staff are dedicated to their charge of providing a safe and nurturing environment in which our students can excel.  Every teacher, administrator, and staff person knows every student in the school by name. They foster a sense of community, helping students become part of the St. Michael family.

Our Values

While many schools offer outstanding curriculums and quality educations, St. Michael School is committed to providing a faith-filled environment for our students. Catholic values are imbued throughout the curriculum, and daily prayers and weekly liturgies are an essential part of our program. Service to others is stressed through school-wide programs with community service a requirement in the middle school religion program. Respect, caring and character are not merely lessons taught at St. Michael School, they are lived daily by our students.

Our Commitment to the Community

Service to others is emphasized at St. Michael School, with community service an important part of our program. Our students are taught to respect and care for others, young and old, in thoughts and deeds. Our middle school students visit rehabilitation centers and preschools. Our students have assisted at the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Individual students have aided in literacy programs and food drives as well as assisted with school and parish fundraising events. As a school we collected food for the Neighborhood Center for Thanksgiving and an impressive number of Christmas gifts for families in need. Our commitment not only benefits the community, but our school community as well.

Our Faith Community

St. Michael School is a mission of not one, not two, not three… but four Catholic churches in the towns of Stonington and North Stonington. There are many parishioners praying for us and supporting us!

Our Tradition of Excellence

A Tradition of Excellence is not merely the school motto; it is a testament to a commitment that St. Michael School made to its students over 140 years ago. We continually strive to ensure that each of our students receives a challenging and rigorous curriculum, and our students have proven that they have gained the knowledge and skills to be successful as they continue in their academic careers.