Before & After School Care

St. Michael School offers a Before and After Care Program for parents whose schedules do not coincide with normal school hours. This program is available during regularly scheduled school days from 7:00 am to 7:45 am, and 2:05 pm to 5:45 pm. The program is also available during some scheduled school holidays. Each year approximately 60 students participate in the program.

The program is offered in the school’s “Convent” building, which is located next to the main school building. In the morning, parents drop their children off at the Convent. All Before School Program children are escorted to the school. In the afternoon, the After School Program students are escorted by teachers to the building, where the students have a snack, work on homework, and/or participate in indoor or outdoor play time.  All activities (including homework) are monitored by the program staff.

Parents take turns providing the after school snacks. On average, each family unit provides snack two times during the school year.

The cost for the program is based on the number of hours used. Families receive a bill from the school at the end of each month indicating the total monthly amount.

Please contact the school for any additional questions about the Before and After School Program.