Strategic Plan

St. Michael School is proud to publish the Executive Summary of its Long-range Strategic Plan. This summary is an overview of the St. Michael School Strategic Plan. The plan is the result of work by a committee consisting of administrators, teachers, parents, and members of the school’s Advisory Board. This overview identifies the major areas of focus for the plan and the individual goals in each area.


These areas of focus are:

• Student Achievement and Teacher Performance

• Stewardship of Resources (Finances and Physical Plant)

• Stakeholder Relationships and Public Outreach

• Institutional Advancement: Marketing and Development


The Strategic Plan is intended to serve as a blueprint to focus and direct planning and decision making for the administration, Advisory Board, faculty, staff and parents. The next step in the Strategic Planning process requires the Advisory Board, administration, faculty, and staff to utilize this Plan to develop additional strategies, action plans, and budget impact and accountability indicators that will set measurable targets for improvement.

The ultimate goal of the Strategic Plan is to engage all members of the school community as partners in the process of advancing St. Michael School’s “Tradition of Excellence” for all students.