Service & Character


St. Michael School is a value-oriented school. 

We are committed to providing a faith-filled environment for our students. Catholic values are imbued throughout the curriculum, and daily prayers and weekly liturgies are an essential part of our program. 

The school not only encourages the formation of the Catholic faith and Christian values, it encourages students to live out those values in their daily lives. Our students, by graduation, have a strong understanding of the values of love, respect, forgiveness, honesty, compassion, and service to others. Service to others is stressed through school-wide programs, with community service an important part of the program.

This year middle school students have visited Pendleton Health and Rehabilitation Center and assisted at the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Individual students have aided in literacy programs and food drives as well as assisted with school and parish fundraising events. As a school we collected food for the Neighborhood Center for Thanksgiving and an impressive number of Christmas gifts for families in need.

Respect, caring and character are not merely lessons taught at St. Michael School, they are lived daily by our students.