Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a ten-person committee that includes St. Michael School faculty, alumni, parents, and Holy Cross Community parishioners. Our objective is to provide guidance, insight, and feedback to the administration to enable the school in meeting its educational objectives.

Advisory Board meetings are open to any member of the Saint Michael School or Holy Cross Community. We welcome you to come to our meetings if you have a question, concern, or feedback about the school to share. We welcome your interest. We meet in the 6th grade classroom starting at 5:45 pm. 


Our 2016-2017 meeting schedule

2017:  September 25, October 23, November 27, December 18

2018:  January 22, February 26, March 26, April 23 and May 21

There is much about St. Michael School of which to be proud. To ensure that our school continues its “Tradition of Excellence,” we encourage everyone in the community to become involved. Please take the opportunity by joining us at an Advisory Board meeting.



Advisory Board Members 



Francis Pijar

Secretary, St. Patrick Parishioner


Doris Messina

Principal, St. Michael School


Very Reverend Dennis Perkins

Pastor of St. Michael, St. Mary, and St. Thomas More Parishes


Sue Bove

St. Mary Parishioner


Meghan Donnarummo

St. Michael School Parent


Anne Marie Doyle

St. Michael School Parent


Cathy Holdridge

St. Thomas More Parishioner


Kathleen Neidbala

PTO President, St. Michael School


Kate Rotella

St. Michael Parishioner