St. Michael’s Announces New Pre-K Early Childhood Learning Center

Opening Fall 2017

St. Michael School is excited to announce the opening of its new Pre-Kindergarten Early Childhood Learning Center for children three and four years of age. The new Pre-K program will open in the fall of 2017.

The program’s focus will be on positive self-expression, social skills,  self-help and self-awareness, fine and gross motor skills, and ways to explore Catholic beliefs, all of which are vital to kindergarten readiness.

Each day children will explore science, create artwork, learn key math concepts, listen to music, sing, participate in structured and unstructured play, and have fun with movement games.

Activities will lay the foundational skills necessary to ready children for success in kindergarten and beyond, while helping children develop a comfortable separation from home to school in an environment in which they will feel happy, safe, comfortable and loved.

To learn more about the program, visit the Pre-Kindergarten page on our website, download our brochure, or contact the school at 860-599-1084.